From October 21 to November 25 2006
Opening: October 21 2006

THE EVIDENCE TO THE NEAREST MILIMETRE     In the courtyard of his workshop in Ghent (Belgium), Maarten Van Severen installed a piece by the sculptor Philippe Van Isacker : a grey, perfect parallelepiped, almost levitating above the ground, held by four steel jacks : For the Right to Doubt. Indeed, Maarten Van Severen (1956-2005), the Belgian designer was prone to doubt himself. It happens even to the most brilliant. Never to his pieces. They are, on the contrary, sure, precise, precious. He worked on the essential, both in terms of of shape and material. Evidence of which are the two posthumous pieces shown here : a wall-mounted book shelf and a desk. The first piece, an oblong book shelf, is made from aluminium with a facade made up of moveable panels covered in a phosphorescent lacquer. When they slide, they hide a fragment of the interior while revealing another. The piece rarely looks the same. It is, above all, unusually long. Not 3.58 metres...

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