From October 15 to December 23 2011
Opening: October 15 2011

"My intention is to consider only the nature of the object: its use. Without necessarily exposing a signature, craftsmanship, the beauty of a material or a pattern. The object appears in its strict form. By stretching to the limit materials and their application, the act of drawing self destructs. Resulting in an aesthetic dimension out of any will." Martin Szekely, Paris 2011

The Galerie kreo is proud to present “UNITS” by Martin SZEKELY. This exhibition is dedicated to the famous French collector Marcel Brient.
The collection “UNITS” is composed of a series of shelves “UNIT SHELVES” and towers of drawers “UNIT TOWERS”.
The “UNIT SHELVES” can be accumulated and stacked at will—without dimensional limits: from one meter sixty to infinity. This typical unit form allows a large flexibility: a well-ordered construction or an irregular composition as well as a multiplicity of forms...

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Available pieces:

M Unit Shelf 10+
M Unit Shelf 2
M Unit Shelf 3
M Unit Tower Multiple 5-6
M Unit Tower Single

Pictures from this exhibition: