A Search Behind Appearances : Hella Jongerius at the Serpentine Gallery

miniature_02A SEARCH BEHIND APPEARANCES – SHADOW PLAY by Hella Jongerius and Louise Schouwenberg
12.04.2016 – 17.04.2016
La Rinascente, Piazza Duomo

We are pleased to announce you that for the third year of an on-going collaboration at Salone Del Mobile, Serpentine Galleries and la Rinascente department store have commissioned designer Hella Jongerius and theorist Louise Schouwenberg to create a special installation for the store’s windows. The shadow play A search behind appearances reflects on the state of affairs in design and prompts a consideration of the meanings that hide behind appearances. The essence of a design is the way it engages with users. Seemingly invisibly, design draws on many levels of meaning to communicate with these users. But for decades already design is reduced to the production of mere style differences, a deceitful play of illusions, and an accompanying marketing verbiage. Today, market value and the claim of novelty seem to overrule any other value we might attribute to a design. A search behind appearances proposes to move beyond commercial success, beyond style difference, and beyond personal taste. The windows of La Rinascente present an interplay of small machines, fabrics and well-orchestrated shadows, which gaily mirrors the world of design, and suggests criteria for estimating a design’s cultural value.