Light Reflection – Monaco – Hors les Murs

A shared passion for design unites Delphine Pastor and Clémence & Didier Krzentowski. Their unified vision of it is what triggered their first exhibition together in 2012. It’s resounding success convinced them to resume collaborating with a new show: “Lights Reflections”. Once more, Galerie kreo settles in Galerie 11 Columbia for several months.
In Monaco, lights will reflect in the mirrors. Throughout this show, we will present a selection of 18 mirrors, including brand-new exclusive pieces, alongside 20 vintage & contemporary lightings. The show will feature the following pieces: the newest mirrors from the “Carnival Series” collection of Jaime Hayon, “Universe” by Pierre Charpin, “Elephant” mirror by Mathieu Peyroulet, as well as a combination of iconic lightings from the 60’s and 70’s of Nanda Vigo, Ettore Sottsass, Olivier Mourgue and more.

Finally, also being presented are the newest creations “Chuugi” and “Aoyama” by Studio Wieiki Somers, currently being shown in her retrospective exhibition, “Out of the Ordinary », at the Boijman.s Museum in Rotterdam.

« Carnival Series », Jaime Hayon
Famous Spanish designer Jaime Hayon created a new collection of mirrors for Gallery kreo called « Carnival series ». In the lineage of his work, full of humor, he finds his inspiration in a series of animals to create sophisticated pieces. He carved the forms of these mythical characters using the finest Venitian traditional techniques.

« Elephant », Mathieu Peyroulet
Galerie Kreo presents Mathieu Peyroulet’s “Elephant” mirror for the first time. A piece with which he won the Design Parade Award at Villa Noailles. This luminescent mirror recalls the illuminated mirrors of theatre dressing rooms. A neon light and a steel structure support a great mirror with monumental dimensions.
« Aoyama », Studio Wieki Somers
Currently shown at the Boijmans Museum of Rotterdam, the “Aoyama” lamp is composed of a brass stem and a lampshade made out of japanese paper, directly inspired from the asian culture. The fishing weights, located at the bottom of the stem, symbolically recreate the natural curb that a flower would induce to its own stem.

« Golden Gate », Nanda Vigo
Created in 1970, the « Golden Gate » lamp received the New york Industrial Award. It’s minimal desgin, and the use of halogen lights – new source of lighting at the time – make it an important piece of the 70’s and Nada Vigo’s work.
Then new edition of the book The Complete Designers’ Lights II, published by JRP Ringier, encapsulating Didier Krzentowski’s light collection will also be presented during the show.