Garouste & Bonetti

Elizabeth Garouste is born in 1949 in Paris and Mattia Bonetti born in 1952 in Lugano (Swiss). They join together in 1980 to devote to the creation of pieces of furniture and interior decoration. They begin with the Palace when Fabrice Eamer ask them to create the decoration. Then the Néotu Gallery edits them quickly. Baroque and barbarian, their furniture surprises and is constituted by heteroclite and unusual materials such as rocks, hammered bronze, raffia, leather, skin, logs and glass… They invent the “barbarian” fashion. They work then in achievements in reference with the Middle Ages, Africa, passing by the poetry of Cocteau, the Venetian baroque and the neo-classicism. Also edited by the galleries “En attendant les Barbares”, David Gill, Kréo, Lou Fagotin, Daum, Baguès. They separate in 2002. Mattia Bonetti continues the creation of pieces of furniture and he is regularly shown in many shows and galleries.

Group shows:
Garouste & Bonetti 99 | summer solstice
Garouste & Bonetti 88 | shades of variety
Garouste & Bonetti 84 | To be continued
Garouste & Bonetti 73 | Autour du cou
Garouste & Bonetti Elizabeth Garouste & Mattia Bonetti 1981-2001
Garouste & Bonetti Z 2014 - The Complete Designers' Lights II: 35 Years of Collecting
Garouste & Bonetti Z 2012 - The Complete Designers' Lights, (1950-1990)
Garouste & Bonetti Elizabeth Garouste & Mattia Bonetti
Garouste & Bonetti Elizabeth Garouste et Mattia Bonetti
Available pieces:
Crater White Gold Mirror
Crater Yellow Gold Mirror