Bruno Gatta

Bruno Gatta founded Stilnovo in 1946 in Lainate, a city part of the industrial suburbs of Milano. Stilnovo is lead by a market logic unlike Arredoluce or O’Luce which, despite his small size, adopts an industrial logic from 1952-1955. Until the latter half of the 1960ies, most of the drawings come from the technical office, lead by Gaetano Scolari and have no signature. Dino Gatta, Bruno Gatta’s son started working with famous designers from 1965-1966. According to Massimo Anselmi, who bought Stilnovo, he company stopped producing around the half of the 1980es.

Group shows:
Bruno Gatta 100 I
Bruno Gatta 96 | Lumières à l'italienne
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