Joseph-André MOTTE

Joseph-André Motte out in 1948 from the School of Applied Arts for Industry and joined the research department of Marcel Gascoin in 1952, where he met Pierre particular Guariche. The following year he founded with Guariche Pierre and Michel Mortier, workshop plastic ARP (1954-1957) research, while creating his own agency. It cooperates with the major works of the period, as Terminal Roissy and Orly. He is considered the architect and designer who gave the most models in French industry, having managed to inspire fashion trends without neglecting the aesthetic and practical parts. Its product will be published by Group 4 Charron, Rougier, Steiner and Disderot. Joseph André Motte received the Prix René Gabriel in 1975 and the Compasso d’Oro in 1970.

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Joseph-André MOTTE 100 I
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Coffee table