Jerszy Seymour

Jerszy Seymour is a designer working in the most expanded sense of the field. He sees design as the creation of situations, as the general relationship we have with the built world, the natural world, other people and ourselves, and as much about the inhabitation of the planet as the inhabitation of the mind. The goal is the transformation of reality guided by constant humour and a tainted sense of poetry and the idea of the NON-GESAMT GESAMTKUNSTWERK. His work spans from playing with the industrial and post-industrial produced object, actions, interventions and installations, covering a range of mediums and materials, objects, film, performance, music and writing. He was born in Berlin in 1968 to a Canadian mother and German father who were both ballet dancers. He grew up in London during the eclectic roller coaster of the eighties, where he studied at South Bank Polytechnic (1987 – 1990) and industrial design at the Royal College of Art (1991 – 1993)...

Group shows:
Jerszy Seymour 100 I
Jerszy Seymour 82 | contrast control
Jerszy Seymour 58 | 10 printemps en automne
Jerszy Seymour 57 | combinaison
Jerszy Seymour 27 | Miroirs
Jerszy Seymour Z 2014 - The Complete Designers' Lights II: 35 Years of Collecting
Jerszy Seymour Z 2012 - The Complete Designers' Lights, (1950-1990)
Jerszy Seymour Z 2009 - Aujourd'hui plus qu'hier et moins que demain - 59 designers réunis par la passion
Jerszy Seymour Z 2006 - Galerie Kreo : Seize nouvelles pièces, un nouveau lieu
Available pieces:
Suicide Air Stool