Ettore Sottsass

Ettore Sottsass Jr. (Innsbruck 1917-Milan 2007) was one of the defining designers of the postmodern movement. For more than four decades, he created a wide-ranging body of work ranging from airports to typewriters, ceramics, essays, and unrealized utopian projects. Highly receptive to the potential of form and color to subvert and transform lifestyle, he gave a seminal contribution to the history of design, establishing it as an experimental tool for the creation of a "new domestic landscape". The son of an architect, Sottsass trained at the Turin Politecnico. After World War 2, he set up an architecture and design firm in Milan, where he collaborated with Giuseppe Pagano. His innovative, nonconformist views immediately set him into contrast with the high modernist consensus of Milanese architects, to whom he reproached both their pretensions to universalism and their compromises with what he viewed with conformist taste. Sottsass started collaborating with the booming Italian furniture industry in the mid-50s, working for brands such as Kartell and Arredoluce...

Group shows:
Ettore Sottsass 105 | “switched on”
Ettore Sottsass 104 | “silvershadow”
Ettore Sottsass 100 I
Ettore Sottsass 71 | Techniques mixtes, dimensions variables
Ettore Sottsass 54 | transition
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Ettore Sottsass 27 | Miroirs
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Ettore Sottsass Z 2014 - The Complete Designers' Lights II: 35 Years of Collecting
Ettore Sottsass 2012 - Ettore Sottsass - Minimum Design
Ettore Sottsass 2012 - Ettore Sottsass: And the Tower of Babel Was Also Made of Terracotta
Ettore Sottsass Z 2012 - The Complete Designers' Lights, (1950-1990)
Ettore Sottsass 2011 - Ettore Sottsass
Ettore Sottsass Z 2009 - Aujourd'hui plus qu'hier et moins que demain - 59 designers réunis par la passion
Ettore Sottsass 2006 - Ettore Sottsass: Architect And Designer
Ettore Sottsass 2005 - Ettore Sottsass: Photographs
Ettore Sottsass 2003 - Ettore Sottsass Metaphors
Available pieces:
Dioniso Mirror