From March 09 to April 20 2002
Opening: March 09 2002

Six Constructions: An imagined dialogue. To displace the gaze, to displace questions. Such simple and unpretentious directives—to look, to ask—are the basis of a rigorous, pragmatic initiative. To look, to ask questions, these are the primary cognitive impulses that allow one to cut through a field of endeavor (both object and conceptual production) that is clouded by inflationary discourse, self-consumption, and promiscuous references... Design is cannibalistic. Design feeds off itself. In the large field of visual culture, no single discipline (high or low; traditional or new; functional or purely aesthetic) has retained a sense of autonomy. Visual artists have cannibalized design to the point that the very notion of use-value can no longer be used distinguish an “artistic” project from a “design” project. The post-utopian community and furniture objects of Atelier van Lieshout, Jorge Pardo’s house that is also his artistic opus in Los Angeles, the functioning “Donald Judd bar” built by Tobias Reyberger for the Munster Skulptur Projeket…these are all salient examples of visual artists blurring the boundaries...

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Pictures from this exhibition: