From January 29 to March 24 2016
Opening: January 29 2016

Galerie kreo is pleased to present “ the enlightened 50s: iconic french lighting from a modern decade ”, a new vintage exhibition showing an exquisite selection of pieces by French designers from the 1950s.

The 1950s marked a jubilant period of reconstruction and renovation in war-torn France. Indeed one might say that innovation in lighting during this decade emerged as a reaction against the darkness of the previous years. For architects, designers and manufacturers, the diffusion of light became an essential focus of research. The austerity and formalism of the pre-war time was replaced by a more organic design, fit for everyday use. Functionality and flexibility became central concerns and gave way to forms that had not been seen before: articulated arms, pivots and interchangeable stems to reach the farthest corners.

The group of young designers that gave rise to this innovative movement – Pierre Guariche, Michel Mortier, Joseph-André Motte, Jean-Boris Lacroix and Jacques Biny – shared a desire to re-think shapes and introduce colour in interiors...

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Pictures from this exhibition: