From June 12 to June 18 2017
Opening: 12 0000

For its participation in Design Miami / Basel 2017, Galerie kreo is delighted to present exceptional pieces by François Bauchet, Konstantin Grcic, Jaime Hayon and others... as well as an extraordinary selection of vintage lights by Pierre Guariche and Gino Sarfatti. François BAUCHET « Azo Collection » For the brand new collection « Azo », of which we present here the first piece, François Bauchet has continued his research on forms and materials. He has developed a vocabulary of clean and precise monolithic forms that, assembled, create a series of pieces such as benches, coffee tables, tables and more. The collection is realised with a material composed of a mixture of sand, resin and concrete. The texture that follows endows the pieces with a mineral facet, which is then proposed in two colours: deep red and pale grey. Konstantin GRCIC « Man Machine Collection » Exploring the relationships between exterior and interior, fragile appearance and real practicality, potentialities and tautology, human mechanics and the power of air, the «Man Machine » collection, which derives its name from the homonymous album by legendary band Kraftwerk, stripped of all artifice. Each piece, made of float glass commonly used in architecture, is dynamic and, through the use of pistons, can be adjusted with a simple action of the human body. Konstantin Grcic pushes back the boundaries of the domestic stage by creating a radical collection poised between hi-fi aesthetics and a fascination with transparency. Jaime HAYON « Game One Collection » With the Game on collection, Jaime Hayon brings to life surreal and playful, yet functional and rigorous works inspired by the theme of sport. Playing with scale, metamorphosis and disguises, the Ice Skating Daybed reminds of ice skates or a bob-sleigh...

Available pieces:

D Reflect Coffee Table
D Strap Coffee Table Multicolor
D Squarable Lune Mirror
E Indefinite Vase - Model Crown - Blue Bahia Blue Glass
E Indefinite Vase - Model Large Pyramid - Portoro Transparent Balloon
H Fata Morgana Mirror
F Miroir Estampé
H Mini Swatch Coffee Table
J Game on Lamp-black
J Game on Lamp-green
J Game On Side Table - copper ceramic
J Ice-skating Daybed
J Uakari Mirror
J Object Frames
J Joliette Vase - Blue
K Table M (Smoke)
K Vol.II Stool
P Ignotus Nomen Coffee Table
R Black
R Chaîne - Metal Champagne Triple
R Y-220 Console
S Frozen Lamp Bended

Pictures from this exhibition: