Pierre Guariche


Pierre Guariche I Vintage designer

After graduating from the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decorative in Paris, Pierre Guariche began an internship with Marcel Gascoin, an important designer of the postwar period.

His career began to take off as a designer in 1950 after his first light was produced, the « Rotaflex » lamp. Pierre Guariche then went on to show many objects in the « Salon des Arts Ménagers » and in the « Salon des Artistes Decorateurs » . In 1951, he collaborated with a number of different companies, producing furniture and design objects, such as the MAI gallery, the Airborne company or the lighting manufacturer, Pierre Disderot. Disderot is considered one of greatest lighting companies of the 50s. Throughout his career, Pierre Guariche was fascinated by and explored the idea of space, playing with different volumes, colors and materials. He was a member of the UAM (Union of Artists modern) organization, which influenced the industrial aesthetic of the postwar period. Notably, in 1965, he received the René Gabriel price.