102.1 | Chaînes

FROM 4 novembre TO 18 janvier 2017 i
OPENING 3 novembre 2016

Pictures from this exhibition


The « Chaînes » collection by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec represents a continuation of the formal vocabulary which the brothers have been developing for many years.

Module, assembly, and the relationship with the surrounding space – central aspects of their research – characterize this new work.

The collection is composed of light chains made out of numerous links that can be endlessly joined together. Whether they are made of white plaster – where the matte immaculate mineral skin seems to materialise the light – or anodized aluminium in azure blue, pale green or blond gold, the light shows off their substantial bell shapes and glitters all over each curved surface. Also in the collection are series of ‘Chaines’ made from ceramic bells. It is made from ceramic bells also exists. It is glazed in glossy red, without light, and can be mounted either as an installation or as a set of screens. The glossy glaze confers an organic dimension, almost as if the pieces were alive.

Available pieces

Image “Chaînes“ Ceramic Multiple
Image “Chaînes“ Ceramic Multiple
Image “Chaînes“ Ceramic Single