111| “AZO” Francois Bauchet

FROM 15 février TO 12 mai 2018 i
OPENING 15 février 2018

Pictures from this exhibition


For the new collection « Azo », François Bauchet continues his research on forms and materials.

Following on from the 2013« Cellae » collection involving the use of modular elements made of felt soaked in resin, Bauchet has now developed an innovative composite material of sand, resin and concrete.

This endows the pieces with a mineral facet which is proposed in two colours: intense brick red and very pale grey. The « Azo » collection is composed of two main elements: a “clover” shaped column, used vertically or horizontally as legs, and substantial surfaces of variable shapes and sizes. This new vocabulary of pure and simple forms – a recurring feature in Bauchet’s work- is very graphic and sensual. These new compositions result in a series of tables, benches, consoles and side tables.

Available pieces

Image “Azo“ coffee table
Image “Azo“ console
Image “Azo“ high side table
Image “Azo“ high side table
Image “Cellae H3“
Image “Ignotus Nomen“ Coffee Table
Image “Melancholia“ Mirror
Image “Wicker Chair“