112| “VOLUMES” Konstantin Grcic Paris

FROM 17 mai TO 10 septembre 2018 i
OPENING 16 mai 2018

Pictures from this exhibition


There is a small but significant detail on Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni’s Arco lamp which Konstantin Grcic admires. A hole runs through the solid rectangular marble base, wide enough for a broomstick to fit through such that two people can then use it to lift the stone. It’s a humorous contradiction – the suave and luxurious marble making room for such a humble device to add something to the lamp’s functionality. This detail is one that Grcic has applied to the six objects in the new VOLUMES collection for Galerie kreo. Executed in solid Bleu de Savoie stone, the pieces all have the same circular void cut through their bases. But while Arco is a lamp, VOLUMES has no such straightforward domestic function. The floor-standing pieces instead remain open-en-ded propositions for speculative uses. While Grcic is well-known for engineering his industrial designs down to the smallest detail, he saw this project as an exercise in simplicity, both in expression and construction. The idea was to create objects that could be made using a singular mate-rial, without added structures or supports – they are sculpted rather than constructed. “I instantly thought of these objects as made out of stone,” says Grcic. “As such they are cut away from a solid block rather than built up from different elements and components, which is my normal way of thinking and doing.” However, the...

Available pieces

Image “Cellae H3“
Image “Hieronymus Minero®“
Image “London Calling“
Image “Loop“ Vase Cardinal
Image “Objet Lumineux“ - small model
Image “Volume T“