118 | Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

FROM 28 February TO 9 April 2019
OPENING 27 February 2019

Pictures from this exhibition


Let us first and foremost look at what we see: two series of drawings showing distinct compositions, formats, modes of production and universes of evocation. Both share the same generous use of colour, mastery of space, combinatorial taste and a rigorous and informed approach to the physicality of drawing. The first series by Ronan Bouroullec includes work in five different formats, all dated 2018, in which each element is only referenced by its place of creation. Abundantly covering the walls of the gallery, it shows a set of ink and Japanese brush pen drawings on glossy paper. The hand gesture, always similar yet always novel, organically deposits a trajectory of colour on the glossy surface. Made on a quotidian basis, the drawings accompany the designer day after day like a diary. Suspended moments, they express a great fluidity, a frank simplicity. Forms and furrows pass from one sheet of paper to another in an almost infinite continuum. Colours are rarely mixed, dialoguing through recurrences and similarities. The gesture is sometimes ample and sometimes more constrained, saturating the paper with more or less intensity. All express colourful sensations, spontaneous compositional intuitions, without a single protocol ever being followed. An autonomous practice, made possible by the economy of means and by the freedom—that intimate plenitude—which Ronan Bouroullec allows himself when,...