The child prodigies of the design world, Ronan et Erwan Bouroullec form a close duo bonded by brotherhood. They are as forthcoming on the subject of their current projects (Vitra, Cappellini, Rosenthal, Magis...) as they are discreet on the subject of themselves. Though nothing filters out of their work methods, the two brothers are ready to hold forth on their approach to their work which is trying to get away from simple rationalisation. « The fact that there is a response to the function does not mean that an object is a success ». Their intention is to bring feelings back to the relationship between man and the material world. « We need shapes with feelings which touch the subconscious and make the object something that can be appropriated ». One thinks immediately of the series of carafes « Torique » produced at Vallauris the design of which is based on simple bottles, of the bench brought out by Domeau & Perès the comfort of which harks back to the seat of an old 2CV, or even better the famous "Lit- clos" distributed by Cappellini which brought back memories of childhood tree- houses...

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