One of the characteristics of my work is the series. This is more obvious in the very specific context of a project for the gallery where I am more interested in designing a series of objects than an object in a series. This does not involve the search for the ideal design (the only one possible), but on the contrary an exploration, a search for possible content in an intuition, an idea, a principle, a drawing…What makes a series is the materialisation of this collection of possibilities, to draw a pathway between the different possibilities, and so doing, to highlight the principle of research, before the object itself. The Platform exhibition proposes a series of six coffee tables of different dimensions, designed for the Galerie Kreo in the autumn of 2005. By definition, a platform is a flat, either high or low, horizontal shape, a surface on which other objects are to be placed. The coffee tables are made of three parts that are cut out and then assembled, two are coloured and one anodised, and they rest on a base of folded metal. In addition to this series there is a series of three mirrors in stainless steel, made with the juxtaposition of two almost identical shapes, one shiny and the other coloured. Pierre Charpin...

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P Platform large C coffee table
P Platform large DB coffee table
P Platform large R coffee table
P Platform medium T coffee table
P Platform medium W coffee table
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