For his first exhibit at the Galerie kreo, the British designer Jasper Morrison presents two distinct projects: the Carrara tables and the Museum Pieces. These two original projects appear as emblematic and manifesto of his opinion about design – together, they combine history, craftsmanship and industrial techniques, utility and subtlety. The Carrara tables, tables with an extremely simple shape, are made in Carrara marble. Jasper Morrison shows that an archetypal shape can give rise to a new typology of an object that slots naturally into the history of design : the table-bench or bench-table, combined in different dimensions, can compose shelves. A score of variations, each unique/singular is proposed. Jasper Morrison also brings another vision of this “historical” material that has been extracted from almost 2500 years from the Tuscany’s careers mostly used for sculptures. The Museum pieces as “synthesised collection of antiques”, are made up of fourteen recipients and a coloured resin pestle inside made-to-measure display cases in wood and glass...

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