It is the story of a metamorphosis. The one of a rudimentary material that suddenly submits itself to an extreme meticulousness. The one of a material suited to architecture that opens out all of a sudden to the scale of an object. This material, the fiber concrete Ductal® developed by Lafarge, derived from the new generation of concretes said to be with ultrahigh performances. This one contains synthetic fibers, embedded in the mass. They play the role devolving to traditional reinforcements, but are endowed with way higher performances.For a long time the designer Martin Szekely was seeking to confront himself to a « heavy » material, like this emblematic concrete from the world of constructions. Therefore, to size up the material requires sometimes time. Two years, in the present case - the first sketches date from 2005 . This research is directly in keeping with the work carried by the designer for a dozen of years. Its introductory principle: the project is the synthesis of various existing data that are derived in majority from the material itself...

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