While it is true that I often like to work in series, I also take care to avoid being trapped in a system, a formula, becoming repetitive, doubtless to stave off boredom for my own sake and spare those who follow the progress of my work from boredom also. So for this new exhibition, I have deliberately aimed for a collection of eight pieces that are all different from one another. In fact, I have the impression that I have designed a collection of things rather than a collection of objects. I am not necessarily trying to outline the distinction between what defines an object and what defines a thing, but I tend to think that objects fulfil functions, while things propose uses, that functions are to be used but uses can be imagined, that objects have a precise definition, while the definition of things remains more or less vague, out of focus, and always depends on the appreciation of the person involved. We could consider the things I have designed for this exhibition to be the materialisation of thoughts, objects for meditation, like suggestions, objects open to interpretation...

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