A selection of pieces 75cm high. Mosaic work, that has been associated to Roman, Byzantine, Florentine sites for a very long time, is applied to outdoor furniture here. The material contains the object and the subject, carries the internal and the external world. The decoration spreads all over the table, just as a wave. Stones of the gallery space were chosen and added to other stones to compose an important block, inside which an industrial swindler drilled the four feet cylinders. A steel frame is put on the feet to support the oak table top. "Drilling" table or the place's memory. "Symbol of furniture that became sign and finally furniture. An extreme state of design? Make structures visually simple stand and allow them to envisage the various use of our own lifes, such is the ambition of Heroic Carbon. A pencil line is equal to a two dimension plan, two perpendicular lines are equal to two plans joined in a three dimensionnal space and so on to build tables, shelves, seats and all other types of furniture...

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