73 | Autour du cou

FROM 29 November TO 19 January 2013
OPENING 29 November 2012

Pictures from this exhibition


The neck, an essential part of the body: without a neck, there is no head… The neck, a hidden or revealed link: underneath clothes, partially or totally. The neck frames the face and separates it symbolically from the body…

Designers, artists and friends of the Galerie kreo were confronted to this theme,revealing unique and particular objects. Each gave us their vision of the necklace with various materials: gold, onyx, marble, coral, hemp, wood, pearls, and rough diamonds. A few subjects are explored: flexibility, movement versus rigidity of the material, original composition of the necklace: threads, articulations…proportion and feature of the jewel, as well as the symbolic usage of the necklace.

“La Corde au Cou” by Fernando & Humberto Campana The Campana brothers put a noose around our head, in the literal sense with a rope made of hemp and gold strings tied in a braid, which is worn hanging around the neck. “Cou de Foudre” by Dominique Modiano An electric charge seems to shock a straight golden line. The ondulations are fixed to ornate the neck of the woman who has chosen this piece, or pierce the heart of the man who will offer...

Available pieces

Image Chaos
Image Cou de foudre Yellow Gold
Image Frémissement yellow gold
Image Muneco Necklace
Image Perles de Jaspe
Image Perles d‘onyx
Image Tarquinia
Image Unititled necklace