79 | Konstantin Grcic - « Man Machine »

FROM 13 février TO 17 mai 2014 i
OPENING 13 février 2014

Pictures from this exhibition


Clearly, Konstantin Grcic is a designer who thrives on challenges whatever the technical constraints or time required for a project to unfold. For his new furniture collection Man Machine taken from the name of the 1978 album by legendary group Kraftwerk he has worked exclusively in glass, a common enough material and yet one rarely seen in the field of contemporary design. Examples are few and far between in the discipline, with the exception of Shiro Kuramata’s Glass Chair (1976) and a handful of designs by Fontana Arte. All the odds are that Man Machine will write a new chapter of its own, so singular is the collection and so imposing in its purity.

In collaboration with a workshop established in Frankfurt in 1829, Konstantin Grcic has developed an ingenious collection of glass furniture made from industrial float glass identical to that used in architecture. Each piece round table, bookshelves, chair, side table, large table,