History of Taste is a perpetually evolving and reimagined concept where past, present, and future are all intertwined. Discoveries, forgotten memories, disappearances, reassessments, landmarks, and contradictions all take part in its complex elaboration ; and each artist, designer, and creation is consistently compared and appreciated at the mercy of evolving gazes, sitting in the history of their discipline which they simultaneously alter. As a result, the art and design lover always asks the same questions : this piece that I am confronted with for the first time ; with what other pieces can I compare it with ? How does it fit into my mental puzzle of other pieces that I own or have already seen ? What will I think of it in the future, when its reality would have been buried in technical innovations and successive aesthetic inventions ? What power will it behold for my contemporaries ? What does it say of our time ? “signs of time” acts like an exhibition of meetings — a venture so often pursued by Galerie kreo — and moreover represents the joint response of Didier Krzentowski and Jérôme de Noirmont to the questions asked above...

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Pictures from this exhibition

Available pieces
A Poltrona Di Proust armchair
D Strap Coffee Table Multicolor
F Cellae ivory bench - Large
H Swatch Coffee Table
J Variation #16 Carrara Tables
J Cowbench
K Monroe table
M Embryo chair
P Ignotus Nomen Box
R Blue Grappe Carpet
R Grey Grappe Carpet
R Rock 8
S Frozen Square Hogweed Table
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