by Cini Boeri

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  • 1968
  • Producer: Arteluce - No longer produced


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Quobus 1,2,4 monochromatic

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Organism coffee table

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kreo in motion

‘kreo in motion’ is a series of short films re-imagining pieces of the gallery through the eye of talented motion designers and animators! Every month a series of 3 animations will be posted at regular intervals. Each series will be dedicated to the creative practice of a different motion designer - blank canvas to …

602 by Kirill Pyrev

To start off the series, Kirill has picked Cini Boeri’s beautiful table light from 1968. This retro-futuristic ‘602’ model was designed by Boeri, and produced by Gino Sarfatti’s light company Arteluce. Its main body, made of rigid industrial PVC piping, includes a system that allows the main arm to pivot. Kirill’s animation highlights the lamp’s slowly evolving body, as well as its unctuous finish.

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