Enigma Stool

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  • Limited edition of 8 pieces + 2 A.P. + 2 Prototypes
  • Certificate of authenticity of the designer


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Constellation Lacquered - Jaime Hayon - Stool - Galerie kreo

Constellation Lacquered

Jaime Hayon

Alessandro Mendini

Alessandro Mendini is an Italian architect, and was born in Milan in 1931. He has been editor-in-chief of the magazines Casabella, Modo and Domus. Monographs on his personal work and the projects he made in conjunction with the Alchimia group have been published in different languages. Mendini makes design objects, furniture, interiors, paintings, installations and architecture. He produces work with international manufacturers and editors, such as the Galerie kreo in Paris since 2001. He is also a consultant for the image and art direction of companies in Europe as well as the Far East...

Enigma Stool - Alessandro Mendini - Stool
Umbria Dining Table - Alessandro Mendini - Stool - Galerie kreo
Alessandro Mendini
Poltrona Yellow Gold  - Alessandro Mendini - Stool - Galerie kreo
Alessandro Mendini
Tournesol Mirror - Alessandro Mendini - Stool - Galerie kreo
Alessandro Mendini

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