Floor light

Price Range:

  • 1950
  • Producer: Robert Mathieu - No longer produced

Dimensions & Materials

Michel Buffet

Born in 1931 in Paris, Michel Buffet spent the beginning of his career to the creation of lamps after a double training as an engineer and interior designer. He then joined the study Knoll International and the Industrial Design Society of Raymond Loewy office.

Following his meeting with Jacques Viénot (founder of Technès) with which it will work, Buffet is moving towards a career of industrial beautician.

During the ‘50s, he participated in various events and exhibitions such as Forms Useful in Paris, the Triennale in Milan in 1954 and 57 or the Universal Exhibition in Brussels and Osaka …

He will participate in many projects, projects and achievements in the areas of transport, environment and industrial products...


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