Price Range:

  • Limited edition of 8 pieces + 2 A.P. + 2 Prototypes
  • Numbered & signed pieces

Dimensions & Materials

Camille Blin

Known for his playful, conceptual approach to products and furniture, Camille Blin was born in Paris, in 1985. At the age of seven he began his first apprenticeship where he learnt to construct string instruments. In 2006 he began his studies at ECAL in Lausanne. During his time there he participated in several exhibitions and interned at Constantin Boym in New York. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in July of 2009 and was awarded the ECAL prize for his dissertation (lampes Gradient). He currently teaches as a professor at ECAL while continuing many personal projects...

Marble - Camille Blin - Table light

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