Divano DV33 (Small) (purple)

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  • 1966
  • Producer: Poggi - No longer produced


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Franco Albini

Franco Albini (1905-1977) was an Italian architect and designer renowned for his ability to merge modern and traditional traditions. Born in Robbiate, Italy, he studied at the Polytechnic School of Milan where he embraced rationalism. Throughout his career, he designed iconic furniture, often incorporating natural materials like rattan. His collaborations with brands such as Cassina and Poggi are well-known. Alongside his design work, Albini left his mark as an architect with projects like the San Babila metro station in Milan...

Divano DV33 (Small) (purple) - Franco Albini - Seating Divano DV33 (Small) (purple) - Franco Albini - Seating

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