Game On Side Table - White Marble

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  • Limited edition of 20 pieces + 2 A.P. + 2 Prototypes
  • Numbered & signed pieces


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Cellae Coffee Table - François Bauchet - Side table - Galerie kreo

Cellae Coffee Table

François Bauchet

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Ring Vase Ancient Greece Bicolour

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Cuzco  - François Bauchet - Side table - Galerie kreo


François Bauchet

Jaime Hayon

Spanish designer Jaime Hayon was born in Madrid in 1974. After studying industrial design in Madrid and Paris he joined Fabrica – the Benetton-funded design and communication academy in Italy – in 1997 where he directed the design department until 2003. Hayon set up his own studio practice in the year 2000 and dedicated fully himself  to his personal projects from 2003 onward, today he is one of the most acclaimed creators worldwide. His singular vision has been exposed in venues like the: Vivid Gallery, Mak Vienna, Groninger Museum, Aram Gallery, London’s Design Museum, Mudac Museum, Gallery Thomas in Munich, Walker Art Center, Centre Pompidou and more recently at the Galerie kreo in Paris for a solo show, « Game on » in 2015...

Game On Side Table - White Marble - Jaime Hayon - Side table

kreo in motion

‘kreo in motion’ is a series of short films re-imagining pieces of the gallery through the eye of talented motion designers and animators! Every month a series of 3 animations will be posted at regular intervals. Each series will be dedicated to the creative practice of a different motion designer - blank canvas to …

Game On Side Table by Kirill Pyrev

Playfulness is at the centre of Kirill’s second animation, as the motion designer composes a delightful image of Jaime Hayon’s equally playful ‘Game On’ side table, with a lively and rhythmic tune. In this animation, Kirill deconstructs an imaginary slab of marble to reveal Jaime Hayon’s patterned side table, composed of Carrara white marble. The repetition of the circular geometric pattern all along the table creates a striking contrast with the natural veins of the marble.

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