Snake Mirror

Price Range:

  • Limited edition of 8 pieces + 2 A.P. + 2 Prototypes
  • Numbered & signed pieces


Dimensions & Materials

Jean-Baptiste Fastrez

Jean-Baptiste Fastrez is a french designer, born in 1984.
In 2010, he graduated from ENSCI / Les Ateliers de Paris with honors.
After collaborating for three years with Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, the designer opens his own studio in 2011 where he focuses on different product and space projects in limited editions and industrial design.
Fastrez has been designing for different brands and his notable collaborations are with the Danish textile manufacturer Kvadrat, the Galeries Lafayette in Paris, Sèvres / Cité de la céramique, the glass research center Cirva in Marseille, the French brand Moustache and the Paris and London based design gallery Galerie kreo...

Snake Mirror - Jean-Baptiste Fastrez - Mirror
Jellyfish ceiling light - Jean-Baptiste Fastrez - Mirror - Galerie kreo
Jean-Baptiste Fastrez
Anubis Vase - Jean-Baptiste Fastrez - Mirror - Galerie kreo
Jean-Baptiste Fastrez
Console Elephant - Jean-Baptiste Fastrez - Mirror - Galerie kreo
Jean-Baptiste Fastrez

kreo in motion

‘kreo in motion’ is a series of short films re-imagining pieces of the gallery through the eye of talented motion designers and animators! Every month a series of 3 animations will be posted at regular intervals. Each series will be dedicated to the creative practice of a different motion designer - blank canvas to …

Snake Mirror by Acil & Pierre

Through the duo's imaginative lens, Jean-Baptiste Fastrez’s ’Snake Mirror' comes to life as the eponymous reptile — writhing with alternating colours. The undulating shape of the mirror paired with the animation of the image highlights the sinuous curves of the snake — which themselves are beautified by the small tiles of colour representing Fastrez’s use of mosaic.

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