Bended Mirror #3

Price Range:

  • Limited edition of 8 pieces + 2 A.P. + 2 Prototypes
  • Numbered & signed pieces

Dimensions & Materials

Muller Van Severen

Photographer Fien Muller (1978) and sculptor Hannes Van Severen (1979) did not make their debut as designer duo until 2011. However, what they realised in that short period of time makes their current strong position unique. Their first collection of furniture immediately met with great approval. Domestic and foreign design experts reacted surprised and their furniture installations were applauded by the international specialist press. They won prestigious awards and their work was exhibited in renowned galleries and museums in Belgium, London, Berlin, Milan, Copenhagen, New York and Paris...

Bended Mirror #3 - Muller Van Severen - Mirror
Bended Mirror #2 - Muller Van Severen - Mirror - Galerie kreo
Muller Van Severen
Ladder - Muller Van Severen - Mirror - Galerie kreo
Muller Van Severen
Ladder - Muller Van Severen - Mirror - Galerie kreo
Muller Van Severen

kreo in motion

‘kreo in motion’ is a series of short films re-imagining pieces of the gallery through the eye of talented motion designers and animators! Every month a series of 3 animations will be posted at regular intervals. Each series will be dedicated to the creative practice of a different motion designer - blank canvas to …

Bended Mirror #3 by Maxime Pouillot

In Maxime Pouillot’s third and last animation, Muller van Severen’s 'bended mirror' skips in circular motions like a shiny humanoid and then stops — rising out of sight to produce a shower of confetti. This playful animation bringing life to the Belgian designers’ curved object coincides with the celebration of their 10 years of collaboration.

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