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  • 1954-1955
  • Producer: Robert Mathieu - No longer produced

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Robert Mathieu

Born in 1921, Robert Mathieu trained at the famous Ecole Boulle before working as a watchmaker.
In 1949, he opened his first lighting store and subsequently expanded his business with the opening of three establishments in Paris. His eponymous production house edited the works of the greatest designers of his time, such as Michel Buffet and Jean-Boris Lacroix.
Mobilizing his watchmaker’s expertise in his approach to design, his lights compete with ingenuity. He defines his pieces as ‘rational lighting’, focusing on functionality before form...

13 - Robert Mathieu - Table light
1654 - Robert Mathieu - Table light - Galerie kreo
Robert Mathieu
56 - Robert Mathieu - Table light - Galerie kreo
Robert Mathieu

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