Sofa Zelda

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  • 1962
  • Producer: Poltronova - No longer produced


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Sergio Asti

Sergio Asti was trained as an architect at the Polytechnic University of Milan from 1947 to 1953 and opened his studio the same year of his graduation.
Among the first Italian industrial designers, he became a founding member of the UAM (Union of Modern Artists), which contributed to shaping the industrial aesthetic of the post-war period.
He is known as one of the figures that worked on experimenting with shapes and space — contributing to making designs more ergonomic. Asti’s creations are considered as typical of the organic design produced in postwar Milan...

Sofa Zelda - Sergio Asti - Sofa
257 - Sergio Asti - Sofa - Galerie kreo
Sergio Asti
148 - Sergio Asti - Sofa - Galerie kreo
Sergio Asti

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