Panta Rhei

Price Range:

  • Limited edition of 12 pieces
  • Numbered & signed pieces

Dimensions & Materials

kreo in motion

‘kreo in motion’ is a series of short films re-imagining pieces of the gallery through the eye of talented motion designers and animators! Every month a series of 3 animations will be posted at regular intervals. Each series will be dedicated to the creative practice of a different motion designer - blank canvas to …

Panta Rhea by Sirai Bucarelli

Taking inspiration from Tatiana Trouvé’s golden necklace Panta Rhei — meaning 'everything flows' in Ancient Greek — Sirai’s third animation shows a river morphing into various shapes. A flower gives way to a female head, whose contours dissolve into leaves, transforming into a cell, a snail, a shell and a volcano, until finally returning to the original form of Tatiana’s necklace. Evocative of the words of Heraclitus, who stated that you cannot step into the same river twice, Sirai’s animation is also a visual testament to the adage that 'everything flows'.

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