110| "Losange" Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

FROM 17 novembre TO 2 février 2018 i
OPENING 16 novembre 2017

Pictures from this exhibition


The new Losange collection is composed of diamond-shaped ceramic vases. They are a continuation from the exhibition «Seventeen Screens» in which Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec experimented with the material and the various enamelling techniques.

The pieces are presented in two colours, blue and green, and four different heights.

Available pieces

Image “Cellae H3“
Image Coffee table
Image “Objet Lumineux“ - small model
Image “Stool“
Image “Tiles“ coffee table
Image “Vase Losange 38“ blue
Image “Vase Losange 38“ green
Image “Vase Losange 58“ green
Image “Vase Losange 67“ blue
Image “Vase Losange 67“ green
Image “Vase Losange 84“ blue
Image “Vase Losange 84“ green