115 I A place to dwell

FROM 28 septembre TO 10 novembre 2018 i
OPENING 27 septembre 2018

Pictures from this exhibition


Available pieces

Image "1086/NT" (brown)
Image 201
Image "566" black
Image Blue “Grappe“ Carpet
Image “Cellae H3“
Image “Game On“ Black
Image “Geta Noire“ Coffee Table
Image “Lampada“ white gold
Image “M.C“ Side Table Multicolor
Image “Melancholia“ Mirror
Image “Objet Lumineux“ - small model
Image “Tabouret“
Image “Uakari“ mirror
Image “Vase Dalle“ ( Black Tube/Clear blue Flagstone)
Image “Vase Dalle“ (Orange Tube/ Green Flagstone)