The exhibition follows the great success of selected pieces previewed exclusively in Basel during the renowned Design Miami fair. The “Ignotus Nomen” collection includes eight pieces: bench, box, bookshelf, coffee table, console, desk, lamp, and vase. The material used for the furniture is Krion® (type of Corian®) and the shape is in black mat resign or white lacquered resin.

Pierre Charpin is currently celebrated with a retrospective at the Grand Hornu Museum in Belgium until September 11.
“When I think about the meaning and the reasons that drove me to draw this new collection, I have the feeling that each trial to define them brings me more towards closure than openness.It is as if the large possibilities which resonate in these pieces prevented me from fixating their representation. Table, shelf, box, bench, console, lamp, vase, each of these objects is inhabited by a presence. Enigmatic, these forms — black or white — are at the same time rigid and sensual, and show off their uselessness quietly. Whether they are lying down or standing straight, they exist in front of us without revealing any information about their origins or provenance...

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Pictures from this exhibition

Available pieces
P Ignotus Nomen bench
P Ignotus Nomen box
P Ignotus Nomen coffee table
P Ignotus Nomen console
P Ignotus Nomen desk
P Ignotus Nomen form
P Ignotus Nomen lamp
P Ignotus Nomen shelf
P Ignotus Nomen Vase
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