Galerie kreo is pleased to present an exceptional installation by Chris Kabel “Wood Ring” from March 8th to May 2th 2012. “Wood Ring”, a circular wooden bench of 118 inches diameter, is composed of woo- den elements carved in a trapeze shape from a single tree trunk which can reach 32.81 feet long. Placing the different elements side by side Kabel reproduces exactly the wood grain, which strengthens the majesty and the organic quality of the work. No glues are added to maintain the pieces together, but a large metallic ring cinches them in a circular form. This spectacular piece raises the issue of space and more specifically how we share this space. The round-shaped bench represents an environment wich is both public and intimate, inviting users to share their space, meet and bond, cut off from the world like a co- coon without a shell. Or they may decide to isolate if facing outwards. « It’s a bit like sharing a bath in the sauna but then without the nakedness and the wetness » Chris Kabel

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