Jacques Biny
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Jacques Biny I Vintage designer

Jacques Biny was an interior designer, and founded in 1953 the lighting design company, Luminalite. Notably, he produced models by Jean-Boris Lacroix, Louis Baillon and Michel Buffet. The lighting designed by Luminalite were designed to be functional and to fit into modern spaces, hence the simplicity of the lines of the pieces. Biny was innovative in his choice to use new materials, such as plexiglass and also introduced new methods such as perforating metal to diffuse light or using metallic paint into his works. «It is thanks to the light that we perceive what is visible. That is, the importance of light in the life of the human being subjected to a constant light changes in its atmosphere. He must live the day with light. Solar and night to accommodate an artificial light illuminating the darkness (...) The light should not therefore be regarded as a secondary factor, but as an important component of habitat «(catalog excerpt Luminalite).

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