Olivier Gagnère
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Olivier Gagnère I Contemporary designer

“ French designer Olivier Gagnère has an original place in contemporary design. He breaks with the conventions of geometry and evokes a new balance that gives his creations a unique personality. Gagnère effortlessly writes a new text with traditional vocabulary. With a slight “twist”, he creates forms that catch the eye, evoke an emotion, and question the memory. A relationship of intrigue takes shape through these new antiques. In harmony with the expert knowledge of the most gifted artisans in Murano, Arita or Limoges, whether for unique pieces, limited series, or for mass production. Designed in the same spirit of refinement and liberty, furniture and interior architecture assert Olivier Gagnère’s affiliation to the ethos of a French school with elegance and modesty. Perfectly modern and already vintage.” - Michèle Champenois

Galerie kreo Paris | 31, rue Dauphine 75006 Paris France | tel +33 (0)1 53 10 23 00
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