FROM 20 May TO 31 October 2020

Pictures from this exhibition


Five years after Marbles & Clowns, his last solo exhibition at Galerie kreo, Pierre Charpin presents Similitude(s), a show of new pieces in a various range of materials. Coffee and side tables, vases and mirrors, lights and drawings are gathered together in an original scenography conceived as a succession of vertical and horizontal landscapes. Charpin’s ongoing chromatic and formal research is enriched by technical innovations carried out in French production workshops. Among the exhibition’s signature pieces are the Translation coffee tables: their combination of metal and enameled lava stone creates a unique and vibrant marquetry.

What is a form? How does it unfold? How is it used? How does one look at it? How is a form transformed? How does one respond to it, relate to its dimensions, its shape, its peculiarities? These questions constantly inform Pierre Charpin’s practice, in his collaborations with renowned design editors, his drawing practice, and his long-term partnership with Galerie kreo. Each of the seven solo exhibitions he has presented at Galerie kreo since 2000 has demonstrated this way of thinking: in Ignotus Nomen (2011), he grafted «enigmatic and sensuous black and white forms to capture our attention and sharpen our imagination» to pieces of domestic furniture (a table, a bench, a shelf), in order to propose objects that are «receptors rather than emitters...

Exhibition's short movie

Available pieces

Image Dots - 1 Drawing - dark green
Image Dots - 2 Drawing - dark blue
Image Dots - 3 Drawing - orange
Image Dots - 4 Drawing - grey
Image Dots - 5 Drawing - yellow ochre
Image Dots - 6 Drawing - green
Image Dots - 7 Drawing - pink
Image Dots - 8 Drawing - blue
Image Fraction - monochromatic Side Table
Image Lunettes - 1 Vase
Image Lunettes - 3 Vase
Image Plump - 1 Vase
Image Plump - 2 Vase
Image Satellite 3 Mirror
Image Satellite 4 Mirror
Image Satellite 5 Mirror
Image Stain Purple Drawing
Image Translation Capsula Coffee Table
Image Translation Discolo Coffee Table
Image Translation Poligono Coffee Table
Image Translation Quadro Coffee Table
Image Translation Triangolo Coffee Table
Image Trapeze 1 Ceiling light
Image Trapeze 2 Ceiling light

Designer's interview