« All’aperto : Out ! » The All’aperto project proposed by the Galerie kreo associates the designers Alessandro Mendini and Pierre Charpin on the common theme of the Bisazza mosaic technique applied to furniture objects, intented to be outside. We could also say: a game of mosaics, like a game of words. Isn’t design always a thing of variations around those equivocals? However All’aperto indicates without ambiguity the adopted direction, the one of the outside, of the opened (aperto), echoing like an « Out ! » with school tonality, always a title of glory for the undisciplined one of design. Mosaic is also an outside: the material hides the structure on which it is laid. It prevents it to be identifi ed and makes it moreover insignifi cant. The appearance remains a mystery: the material is here an enigma that contains the object and the subject, it carries the inside and the outside world. A drawing and a pattern remain, thus, a silhouette and the nuances of its dress, worn by some elementary functions: an armchair, a fl ower stand, a bench, and two tables compose the gallery’s proposal...

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