Brynjar's work is an explosion of freshness in a lacklustre world.

Constructed using classical assembly techniques, the pieces of furniture featured in this exhibition nonetheless have something of the air of mystery of ritual objects. They step outside our world to tug upon powerfully evocative memories. These pieces of machined wood are held together by brightly coloured ropes that also firmly bind a clutch of feathers, a tuft of fur or some other detail taken from the natural world, in total contrast with the polished smoothness of the wood. These assemblies speak of a strong cultural identity, harking back to primitive cultures, the world of the Inuit. Fur hints at the icy landscapes of the designer's homeland.
Brynjar Sigurðarson was born in Reykjavík. On a trip to the village of Vopnafjörður, in north-eastern Iceland, the young designer happened to meet an old man by the name of Hreinn, a former shark-hunter, who taught him a remarkable technique of rope lashing: "when I began to learn this method in his workshop, it felt as if I connected to a hidden Icelandic craft...

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