In one of the preparatory drawings for his collection “Mon Cirque,” Jaime Hayon imagines a character with a sarcastic smile: is he a modern Harlequin ? A self-portrait ? With pointed shoes and dotted clothes, he aims his water guns at circus figurines: vases become personages, clowns transform into lamps, and table feet turn into pagodas. Above his head, a comic strip bubble in the shape of a heart warns: « Let’s play now ». This generous, malicious, and delicious injunction runs through the production of Jaime Hayon, sometimes literally with the Toy2R toys (2002) or more metaphorically in most of his creations. He has been described by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most relevant creators of these times, and has been named “Breakthrough Creator” by Wallpaper magazine. In 2003 his ceramic project Mediterranean Digital Baroque, a set of “games for adults,” brought his name to the forefront of contemporary design...

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J Game on
J Game On side table copper ceramic
J Game On side table white marble
J Ice-skating daybed
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